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Short Code SMS

Short Code Provider Delhi is a 5 digit number used for Tele Marketing campaigns. Companies use short codes to send ShortCode Services Delhi to consumers as it can send thousands of messages per second. For example 57333 or 58888. Pros A short code has to be submitted and approved by carriers before use. It can send thousands of messages in a second. It gets shut down quickly for span encroachments. It can easily be memorized Cons Short codes have a set cost usually about INR 5000 per month that must be paid quarterly or yearly. It must be activated for each country. It is expensive to maintain.

Long Code in Delhi
A long code is a 10 digit number used for mobile Marketing SMS campaigns. For example 8366547845 or 7354975427. Pros Long code is less expensive than short code. It has the service of Bulk Text messaging and calling from the same number. It is globally accessible. Cons Long code allows limited number of messages per second. It does not offer picture or video messaging that is mms service.
It is very difficult to memorize a 10 digit number than a 5 or a 6 digit number.Long code is less regulated than short code.

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Rs. 12,000
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